How do I wear the SP15 Microphones?
Hang the left earhook (all-black) on left ear. Hang the right earhook with the red strip on right ear. Adjust the fit so that the silver microphone pickups rest in front of each ear canal, not inside or behind ear. Fasten cable slider below your chin to secure the earhooks in place.


Can I listen to music with the SP15C?
No. The SP15C is a microphone, not headphones.


How do I connect the SP15C to Apple® devices with Lightning ports?
There are two ways to connect to iPhone and legacy iPads:

1. (RECOMMENDED): Use the FiiO LT-LT1 USB Type-C to Lightning Data Cable - $18.99. Unlike most USB-C to Lightning cables, this adapter supports Data Transfer.

FiiO LT-LT1 USB Type-C to Lightning Data Cable

2. The second way to connect requires two adapters. You may prefer this method if you require additional cable length.

  1. Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
  2. USB-A male to USB-C male adapter (any length will work)

For more details, please refer to this guide.



Can I use a USB-C to Lightning cable to connect to my iPhone?
Yes, but you need to make sure the cable supports Data Transfer. Most USB-C to Lightning cables, like Apple brand ones, DO NOT support Data Transfer. This cable is a great option: FiiO LT-LT1 USB Type-C to Lightning Data Cable.


Will the mics fit on small or large ears?
The earhooks are one-size-fits-all. They are made of polyurethane, a malleable material that fits the shape of your ear. Our research shows that most ears are uniform in size in the back where they connect to your head.


Can I make phone calls with the SP15C?
No. The SP15C is a standalone microphone.


Can I make video calls with the SP15C?
Yes. On desktop/laptop computers you can use the SP15C as your input microphone while using Zoom or other conferencing apps that support stereo sound. You will need to use your own earbuds or computer speakers to hear the other participants. Here’s a tutorial on how to do that.


Is the SP15C compatible with Thunderbolt 3 & 4?
Yes. Our USB-C port is fully compatible with Apple Thunderbolt ports found on Mac computers.


Is the SP15C a Class-Compliant USB device?
Yes. The USB interface is class-compliant – USB 2.0.


How can I reduce wind noise for outdoor recordings?
We recommend using lavalier type windscreens that have an inner diameter of 13-14mm. There are many affordable options online, including the WindTech 8801.


How do I fix a Left/Right Channel imbalance?


Do I need to wear the mics on my ears?
The microphones record the most immersive sound when they are worn on your ears, but feel free to explore alternate placements to get the stereo sound you want.


Why am I picking up background noise?
SP15 microphones use Omnidirectional pickups. They are designed to capture sounds all around you with clarity and precision. If you can hear it, the microphones will record it. If you’re indoors, avoid standing next to loud household utilities (Washers, AC units, air vents, etc.) while making a recording. If you are outdoors, consider using lavalier type windscreens that have an inner diameter of 1/2 inch (14mm).


Recording is too Quiet or too Loud?
SP15 mics are calibrated to have an exceptionally wide dynamic range. If you are recording something very quiet or very loud, we recommend using an application or console with an input gain slider. This will allow you to increase or decrease the input level before you start recording. Alternatively, if you have access to audio or video editing software, you can raise or lower the volume in your post-production suite.


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