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Sonic Presence VR15 Spatial Microphone

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Coming 2019.

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Capture the show

Capture the show on your iOS or Android device with the VR15 Spatial Microphone by Sonic Presence. This wearable microphone records stunning, 360-degree stereo sound. It’s small enough to slip in your pocket, making it great for recording and live streaming concerts, festivals, sporting events and more using your favorite audio and video Apps.



Record Sound the Way You Hear It



You wear the VR15 Spatial Microphone on your ears to capture sound the way you hear it. All of the functions of your natural hearing, and your fantastic ability to localize sounds in 360-degrees, are embedded into the recordings you make. The resulting stereo recording is incredibly realistic; it's as if you are there!


The slip-on design is comfortable to wear and very discrete, making it easy to capture great audio virtually anywhere.


The VR15 uses the industry standard USB-A plug. Mobile devices, such as iPhones, use miniature, proprietary connectors for their USB power port. You must use an adapter cable to connect to the USB-A plug of the VR15. 


Adapter Cables are sold separately.

Visit the Specs page for detailed technical specifications.



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