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Product Overview:

SonicPresence’s SP15 XLR Microphone is new Binaural Technology that puts the power of Spatial Audio in the hands of Creators Like You. The SP15 XLR accurately records 360° Spatial Audio on a standard two channel stereo track that can be played back on all headphones, earbuds, sound bars, and speakers. There is no special hardware or rendering software required.

You wear the SP15 XLR Microphone on your ears to capture sound exactly as you hear it. A Left and Right microphone rest comfortably in front of each ear canal – not inside. There’s no complicated learning curve or microphone placement techniques. It’s like having an audio engineering team in your pocket. Just wear it and record. Crystal clear voice with awesome sounding Spatial Audio. It’s as if You are There.

The SP15 XLR Spatial Microphone with Phantom Power 48 Volt Interface DIN45596 works with Professional Video Cameras, Mixing Consoles and Portable Sound Recorders with XLR connectors. Two channel electronics with Discrete Transistor, Balanced Amplifiers for that Classic Analog Sound.

The SP15 XLR is Made in the USA with Patented Spatial Audio Technology. Designed and Developed by Professional Audio Engineers in New York and Los Angeles including Grammy Winners, YouTubers, Broadcasters, Educators, Journalists, Bloggers and Videographers.

The SP15 XLR condenser microphone is weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use with built-in RFI immunity. Stereo output on 2 XLR connectors, Sensor Matching +/- 0.5dB, Flat Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz. Low Distortion, Low Handling Noise, Dynamic Range >114dB, Sensitivity: -35dB (18mV/Pascal) Maximum SPL: 130dB.

Polar Pattern: Spatial Stereo/HRTF
Sensitivity: -35dB (18mV/Pascal)
Maximum SPL: 130dB
Dynamic Range: 114dB (typically 20 bits)
Frequency Response: 20 to 35,000Hz
Sensor Weight: 20grams (0.7 oz)
Operating Temperature: -18˚ to 57˚C (0˚ to 135˚F)
Output Level: 1Pa @ 1kHz = 2.8mVrms
Sensor Matching: +/- 0.5dB
Powering: Phantom Power 48V DIN45596
Output: Balanced Audio Output
Connector: 3-pin XLR male
Polarity: pin 2 positive
Suitable for outdoor use
Cable Length: 1 Meter


What's Included:

  • SP15 XLR Spatial Microphone
  • Hard Shell Travel Case
  • Quick Start Guide

Optional Accessories (sold separately):

  • Windscreens: Lavalier type with 12mm Inner Diameter
  • XLR Barrel Belt Clips