Download PDF versions of SonicPresence® Owner Manuals, Apps Manuals, Tutorials and Technical Papers.

SP15C Owner Manuals

Introducing the SP15C USB-C Spatial Microphone
SP15C Quick-Start Guide
SP15C Technical Specifications
How to Connect the SP15C to iPhone & Lightning Devices
How To Use the SP15C with Zoom Conferencing
Making a Great Sound Recording

SP15 PRO Owner Manuals

SP15 PRO Quick-Start Guide

iOS App Manuals

Overview of Audio and Video Apps - iOS
Voice Memos - iOS
ShurePlus MOTIV - iOS
RøDE - iOS
Garageband - iOS
TwistedWave - iOS
Voice Record Pro 7 - iOS
ShurePlus MOTIV Video - iOS
Apple Camera - iOS
ProMovie Recorder - iOS
FiLMiC Pro - iOS

Android App Manuals

Overview of Audio and Video Apps - Android
Field Recorder - Android
USB Audio Recorder Pro - Android
ShurePlus MOTIV - Android
FiLMiC Pro - Android (Refer to iOS Manual)

Technical Papers

Sonic Imagery of the Human Mind by Russ Hamm

Declarations of Conformity (EU)

EU Declaration of Conformity || SP15C & SP15Pro

RoHS Declaration of Compliance || SP15C & SP15Pro